Can’t Miss TV

9 Sep

There are two shows that we have noticed in several magazines.  So instead of crediting a billion magazines, we will just tell you about them…

communityThe first is a new comedy called Community.  At first glance this might seem like just another run-of-the-mill, soon-to-be-canceled mediocre NBC comedy.  Upon digging deeper we realize that it is anything but that. This promising new comedy brings in some heavy hitters: the writer of the Sarah Silverman Program, the director of Arrested Development, The Soup‘s Joel McHale and comedy legend Chevy Chase.  All of these ingredients are the recipe for a tasty Thursday night.  Sorry for the cooking metaphor…

glee1This next show may seem a bit juvenile when you hear about it.  I mean, it is a high-school themed show about a new and improved glee club, which gives students a chance to be something greater than they ever imagined.  The show has built more buzz than it can probably handle and is the most hyped show on television…which hasn’t even had its series premier yet.  Great music, a good cast and some big guest stars promise to make you forget all about LOST on Wendesdys.


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