Closeted Color

10 Sep

sam-worthington-esquire-september-2009-02I like to wear color in my wardrobe.  People notice me when I do it (well, I assume…) and it keeps things light and fun.  The September 2009 issue of Esquire magazine had a segment on how much of any given color should appear in a man’s closet at any given time.  The results were a little surprising.  I was not surprised by the fact thatt white, navy, gray and black were the big winners, but I was surprised at their percentages.  Note: this includes socks, undershirts and striped shirts.  Their findings? Check them out:

  1. White – 20% of your closet
  2. Navy Blue – 19% of your closet
  3. Gray – 16% of your closet
  4. Black – 15% of your closet
  5. Standard Blue – 11% of your closet
  6. Green – 10% of your closet
  7. Purple – 4% of your closet (really?)
  8. Yellow & Red – each should be 2% of your closet
  9. Orange – 1% of your closet.

Take it for what it is…



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