Transforming Transportation: Who Says a Bike Needs a Bike Rack?

10 Sep

tom-brady-details-september-2009-cover-photoIn the September 2009 issue of Details magazine they have a segment on what’s new this month.  Well, some of it was garbage that was impractical and boring.  One thing caught my eye, however.  As someone who has biked to work 3 times in my life, all ending tragically, the article about the IF Mode bike from Areaware made my mind think:  “awesome.”  This fold-up bike is perfect for urban efficiency.  No bike rack?  No problem.  A single swing-arm frame lets you fold the bike with ease and in an efficient matter.  You won’t be late for work or spending a fortune on gasoline.  You also may get that exercise that you have been needing (someone had to say it).  The price tag is a bit hefty, but worth every penny.


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