Eat Like A Man

14 Sep

sam-worthington-esquire-september-2009-02Along with recipes, the “How Men Eat” article in Esquire Magazine’s September 2009 issue listed rules for how men eat…and how it may be different than a woman’s rules about food.  There were several interesting and humorous rules listed, but we simply could not list all of them in one post due to the fact that it would simply be too long.  It would take time to write and to read, and we want to keep the manliness flowing.  That being said, we picked out some of our favorites.  If you would like to see the full list, contact us and we can send it to you.  Enjoy the following on how a man eats:

  • “I’ll eat something that fell on the floor without thinking about it.  Women seem to have a problem with this.”
  • “I’ll dip just about anything in just about anything – something from the fridge, something from the other end of the table.  Fried chicken in guacamole. A slice of pizza in  the tub of take-out ranch.  Whatever’s in front of me.”
  • “If any of the daily specials contain the words ‘potpie,’ ‘goose fat,’ or ‘barbecued,’ I order it.”
  • “You can tell a lot about a restaurant by the type of hot sauce they bring you.”
  • “A man doesn’t cut a burger in half”
  • “Everything should be crispier – the bacon, the hashbrowns, the bun, the skin on the roast chicken.”
  • “A man doesn’t need more bread.  More chips, maybe, but not more bread.”
  • “A beer with lunch can be transformative.”
  • “A man can talk while he’s eating as long as it is a really good point and he needs to take advantage of the moment.”
  • “Men eat as competition.  We eat on dares. We eat the hottest pepper to show our strength. It bonds us.”



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