Cheap, Masculine Style? Shut the front Door!

20 Nov

In the December 2009 issue of GQ magazine (the one with a very old and wrinkled Clint Eastwood on the cover) there is a section that features the best stuff of 2009.  Among some fun tiny cameras and the world’s best juicer is a masculine bench that really caught my eye.  I saw it, liked it, and then immediately wondered how much this bench would run me.  Turns out it is more reasonable than you think…check it out.

Zen and the art of Ikea Assembly:

The PS Rasken bench defies all expectations of Ikea furniture.  It’s made of actual wood, not particleboard, and assembles without tools; your weight locks the pieces into place when you sit, a trick adapted from traditional African chairs. Still, you may be skeptical. Surely it will wobble, or squeak disconcertingly.  But the Rasken is rock solid.  At $100 it may not be stupid cheap, but it’s pretty damn reasonable – and like we said, easy to put together.

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