Essential Guy Skill: How to Wrap Presents Like a Pro

20 Nov

In the December 2009 issue of Men’s Health magazine (the one with that guy from Twilight on the cover), the “essential guy skill” is one that will come in handy over the next month or so.  It details how to wrap presents like a professional and thanks to IaMW you will get that knowledge for free!  The steps are outlined below – contact us if you would like the full article.

Step 1: “Clear a firm, flat work space and gather your tools: scissors, a ruler, transparent tape, wrapping paper (not too thick), ribbon, and a bow.  For the holidays, silver foil paper with red or blue ribbon is your go-to combo.”

Step 2: “If your gift is oddly shaped, box it up and secure any loose parts with tissue paper.  Unroll the wrapping paper, place the box on it, and wrap the paper around it allowing for an inch of overlap.  Use scissors to slice the paper in a steady, gliding motion.”

Step 3: “Center the box face-down on the paper.  Anchor one edge of the paper to the bottom of the box with a single piece of tape – more than this looks messy and could ruin a nice box.”

Step 4: “Before bringing the loose paper around, fold over 1/2″ of its lengthwise edge for a polished look.  Pull the package toward you as you wrap the remaining paper around it.  Apply double-sided tape along the perimeter of the paper’s underside and press it to the box, making sure the paper’s edges overlap.”

Step 5: “Turn one end toward you; fold down the top & bottom edges.  If they overlap more than an inch, mark the paper, unfold the flaps, and trim away the excess.  Refold the edges and adhere them to the box with tape.  Fold one flap down and use tape to secure it to the box.  Then fold the other flap’s unfinished edge over 1/2″ before securing it to the box with double-sided tape applied on the underside.  Repeat at the other end.  Then tie a ribbon around the gift, cover the knot with a matching bow, and cap things off with a hand-written note.”


2 Responses to “Essential Guy Skill: How to Wrap Presents Like a Pro”

  1. olderbrothersadvice November 20, 2009 at 8:52 PM #

    I am damn happy I stumbled upon your blog. It hits the notes that I love to talk about- being a gentleman, being a comfortable man, making the right moves. I recently started a blog titled It is a daily doling of advice I have received from my older brothers. I hope you check out the blog, as I will definitely be checking yours out. Any feedback would be great! Keep up the mantastic work.

    • kcglaser November 20, 2009 at 9:09 PM #

      I am glad you did as well! I have been bad about updating it over the past few months due to a wedding and some other personal stuff, but I am back at it. I will most definitely check out your blog…thanks for sharing! Wish your approval, of course, I may take applicable posts and mention them in my blog. Happy blogging!


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