Suspenders: Not Just for Bankers Anymore

16 May

Every issue, GQ Magazine has a section that is called “The Manual: Look Sharp, Live Smart.”  It usually has endorsed products to help you look like the stylish man that your mom always knew you could be.  In the May 2010 issue of GQ Magazine, the one with Jake Gyllenhaal on the cover, GQ endorses the use of suspenders. Apparently they have come back into non-nerdy fashion.

Wearing suspenders used to be a practical move.  Back in those Bogart days, you’d go about your business with your pants perfectly “suspended,” rather than cinched by a belt.  Now, like plenty of other mid-century essentials (tie bars, pocket squares, fedoras), suspenders feel in again after being out for so long.  Thin clip-ons channel a punk-rock vibe, while wider, button versions deliver more of a neo-preppy message.  Either way, keep your outfit simple for a custom – not costume – look.


One Response to “Suspenders: Not Just for Bankers Anymore”

  1. oscar November 4, 2010 at 3:37 PM #

    where can i buy the supports that he is wearing??

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