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Video From All Corners…Cubed

26 May

Wow.  I am in awe over here.  You gotta love GQ Magazine – even though the first article is usually located approximately 48% into the Stephen King-sized novel of a publication (you know, past all of the ads?), it has some great information in it.  One of the things that caught my eye in the March 2010 issue (Kobe Bryant on the cover) is the Boxee Box by D-Link.  Out this spring, the Boxee Box aggregates and organizes tons of free and paid TV and movies available on the web in a slick, user-friendly interface.  Want to watch LOST? No need to go to ABC.com or Netflix.  Just type “Lost” into Boxee and every episode available on the internet appears, no matter the source.  It’s like some Uber on-demand system from the future.  Get it from www.boxee.tv – it costs about $200.

Damn Cool Guy Furniture – The Sequel

26 Nov

Coincidentally, after I took the time to write the “Modern Furniture with Storage To Boot” article that came from the November 2009 issue of DETAILS magazine, I stumble across another gem that fits right into the category.  It was in a “Wish List” section in the November 2009 issue of Men’s Journal – the one with far too big of a close-up of Tim McGraw on the cover.  Now as many of you know, Restoration Hardware is awesome.  It is a Pottery Barn-like aesthetic that leans on the masculine side that you could go to without your wife/girlfriend and not feel awkward.  One of the featured pieces in this “Wish List was  the Mayfair Steamer Secretary Trunk, pictured below.  “The [trunk] makes every day at the home office feel like a vacation.  [$2,995; restorationhardware.com]

More Modern Design with Storage To Boot

25 Nov

Here at IaMW, we have posted a couple times on modern, masculine furniture.  This post is very similar…but aside from providing yet more examples of modern furniture, this batch of mod, masculine pieces all serve a common purpose: they all have sneaky little storage places.  Pretty cool.  In the November 2009 issue of Details Magazine, the one with Adam Lambert on the cover, you can find all of the following items, plus a few more.  If you would like to know where to find any of these gems, just contact us!  Here they are…

Picture Frame Box – “If a heavy-duty safe isn’t your style, tuck your valuables (e.g., your most prized baseball cards) into the inner chamber of this wooden picture frame made especially for Britain’s coolest design shop, Thorsten Van Elten.” Picture Frame Box by Tim Parsons for Thorsten Van Elten, $97; thorstenvanelten.com

Flip Table – “Each improvisation by the aptly named Danish collective No Problem addresses a specific domestic conundrum. The flip-top compartments in this table allow a guy who works where he eats to clear the home office—and keep files Shiraz-free.” Flip Table by Signe Baadsgaard of No Problem, $650; no-problem.nu

Hallow Dining Chair – “The gaps between the layers of bamboo in the table and chairs from Brooklyn’s Brave Space not only offer cubbies for those Thai menus but also permit guests to hide their phones during dinner.” Hollow Dining Set by Brave Space Designs, $5,195-$7,495; bobbyberkhome.com

Cheap, Masculine Style? Shut the front Door!

20 Nov

In the December 2009 issue of GQ magazine (the one with a very old and wrinkled Clint Eastwood on the cover) there is a section that features the best stuff of 2009.  Among some fun tiny cameras and the world’s best juicer is a masculine bench that really caught my eye.  I saw it, liked it, and then immediately wondered how much this bench would run me.  Turns out it is more reasonable than you think…check it out.

Zen and the art of Ikea Assembly:

The PS Rasken bench defies all expectations of Ikea furniture.  It’s made of actual wood, not particleboard, and assembles without tools; your weight locks the pieces into place when you sit, a trick adapted from traditional African chairs. Still, you may be skeptical. Surely it will wobble, or squeak disconcertingly.  But the Rasken is rock solid.  At $100 it may not be stupid cheap, but it’s pretty damn reasonable – and like we said, easy to put together.

Approved Design: Ejection Seat Chair

18 Sep

Mens_journalThis is one of the cooler chairs I have seen.  The design that is featured here at “It’s a Man’s World” is masculine by nature.  We have featured bolts and screw tables and industrial-inspired lamps…but nothing compares to this.  found in Men’s Journal’s October 2009 “Wish List,” the item that has us clammoring is the MotoArt F-4 Ejection Seat chair.  This thing is awesome.  Unfortunately it will not eject you from boring meetings or bad television, but you will look cool no matter where you put it.  This chair’s frame is taken from one of the Vietnam-era sky fighters.  Awesome. The only negative is the $3,500 price tag, but we say it is well worth it!


Transforming Transportation: Who Says a Bike Needs a Bike Rack?

10 Sep

tom-brady-details-september-2009-cover-photoIn the September 2009 issue of Details magazine they have a segment on what’s new this month.  Well, some of it was garbage that was impractical and boring.  One thing caught my eye, however.  As someone who has biked to work 3 times in my life, all ending tragically, the article about the IF Mode bike from Areaware made my mind think:  “awesome.”  This fold-up bike is perfect for urban efficiency.  No bike rack?  No problem.  A single swing-arm frame lets you fold the bike with ease and in an efficient matter.  You won’t be late for work or spending a fortune on gasoline.  You also may get that exercise that you have been needing (someone had to say it).  The price tag is a bit hefty, but worth every penny.


Re-arrange Only Once…Physically

10 Sep

eric-bana-mens-health-2In the September 2009 issue of Men’s Health Magazine, there was a small section that was 7 tips from users for some quick tips.  That saves everyone time in a fast-paced world, right?  Well here at IaMW we decided to save you even MORE time by pointing out the best one.  One reader wrote to Men’s Health with a tip about arranging furniture.  We all want to save time and energy whenever possible, right? Well at dragonfly.autodesk.com you can arrange your furniture virtually as many times as you would like before actually doing it manually.  This way you only have to break you back once…and you can see if you like the new room before going through all of the trouble.