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The Best of March Madness

22 Feb

In a season of rankings, we keep score of the game’s high points.  In the March 2011 issue of Men’s Heath Magazine, the one with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt on the cover, there is a great article on the best parts of March Madness, the tournament that we all hold so dear each spring.  They list everything from best seats to best players, and it is all here in this convenient blog post — just for you!

The 3 best NCAA ballers to watch this season

3. Demetri McCamey (Illinois) – McCamey has an impressive combination of size, skill and scoring ability as a point guard. He’s terrific as a passer and ball handler, and he also has a deep shooting range.

2. Kris Joseph (Syracuse) – He’s a gifter scorer with a nice stroke who tallies his points in various ways/  Joseph is an incredibly hard worker.  His coaches recognize that, so expect him to play an expanded role this season.

1. Elias Harris (Gonzaga) – With a rare mix of rebounding prowess, shot-blocking ability, and three-point shooting, he can be a 20/10 guy and a major force on both offense and defense.

Sit where it really counts

Good luck scoring (or affording) courtside seats. The owners of VividSeats.com say your next best bet is mid-court, between rows 5 and 10. You’ll see everything and still be part of the crazy crown, which is half the fun of NCAA games. If mid-court is full, call the stadium to find where your team plays offense the second half.

The 3 Places You Must Watch College Ball Before You Die

3. Kansas’s Allen Fieldhouse – You can sense its history as soon as you step inside. It’s basically a big barn that packs in some of the most passionate fans in the game.

2. Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium – It’s cramped and tight – bordering on uncomfortable – but no place is more intimidating for opponents. And you can feel that.

1. Dayton’s UD Arena – With nearly 14,000 seats, it’s the ideal design for an on-campus arena, providing straight sight lines and plenty of team spirit.

Hottest College Cheerleaders

No matter how lousy the game, here’s the countdown of teams worth watching for sideline entertainment, according to Steve Covino and Rich Davis, hosts of The Covino & Rich Show on Sirius XM.

3. LSU Tigers

2. Arizona State Sun Devils

1. Florida Gators

Near-Death At The Movies

11 Nov

This article, from the November 2010 issue of Men’s Journal Magazine, was inspired by the release of James Franco’s new film 27 Hours.  In the film Franco gets trapped and has to figure out how to survive, escape or get help (extreme abridged version).  That led the writers of the magazine to brainstorm a list of other near-death experiences in movies.  The mag calls the folliwing movies “Nerve-racking survival films that are a must-add to your queue.” They are the following:

Touching the Void (2003)

Life, pain, suffering, death, and the hard moral calculus of extreme adventuring intersect in this riveting documentary about two accomplished climbers on a disastrous descent in the Peruvian Andes.

Cast Away (2000)

Tom Hanks lost nearly 50 pounds to play a marooned survivor of a plane crash with the smarts and determination to overcome loneliness and privation. That said, its his close friendship with a volleyball that stuck with us the most.

The Edge (1997)

This overlooked action thriller set in the wilds of Alaska features a brilliant script by David Mamet, a pair of cagey but knockout performances by Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin, and one very hungry grizzly bear.

Open Water (2003)

True story of a couple scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef who are forced to spend a long night in shark-infested waters when their charter boat leaves without them.  Simple premise, inspired execution.

Whiskey Your Way

26 May

Now this is a post we can get behind.  No matter how many artisanal whiskeys hit the market, it seems there’s never one that matches your idea of smokey, caramel-hued perfection.  The May 2010 issue of Details Magazine (True Blood’s Stephen Moyer on the cover) asks us a very important question: why not make your own?  The Whiskey Your Way program at House Spirits Distillery in Portland, Oregon, lets you tailor an entire barrel ?(about 100 Bottles) to your exact specifications.  And just to make sure you know what you’re doing, the process kicks off with a tasting seminar, which will help you explain to your drinking companions back home why a Port finish and Oregon oak barrels are the only way to go.

Barrel of Whiskey Your Way

From $5,400; whiskeyyourway.com

Manliness: 1,000 Hits and Counting

18 Feb

A happy Thursday to all of the Y-chromosome eyes that are feasting on this blog post.  Yes, you read correctly…IaMW celebrates its 1,000th hit today!  Thank all of you loyal readers for somehow finding my page by googling things like “manly office plants,” “what to wear to not look like a girl,” and even “topless.”  Not sure why some of these search queries brought you here, but I am glad that they have.  I have gotten some positive response to this blog and will gladly continue it in the name of all that is man.  I am happy to have received comments from literally all over the world.   For your viewing pleasure, I googled “Manliness” and below are the best of the best.  Enjoy!

Record Book: Battle for the World’s Strongest Brew

10 Feb

One of the first recurring segments in Men’s Journal – after all of the contents pages, editors notes and first of 100 pages of advertisements – is a section called “Record Book.”  In the March 2010 issue of Men’s Journal magazine (the one with an aged Bruce Willis on the cover), there is a record on the world’s strongest beer:

Scottish alemaker BrewDog was sure it had a record with Tactical Nuclear Penguin, a 32 percent ABV imperial stout, in November.  But Bavarian brewer Georg Tscheusner was just biding his time.  In December, his Schorschbrau brewery unveiled a 40 percent ABV edition of its Schorsch Bock, a caramel-y ice beer that, for now, claims the ABV crown.  Is Tscheuschner anticipating retaliation?  “I hope so,” he says. “Let’s start the battle!  I’m looking for new limits.”  Speaking of limits, the 11-ounce bottle has a stopper for a reason.  One 11-oz bottle is equal to 11 Heineken Lights or 7 Grey Goose vodka shots. ($145 per bottle; schorschbraeu.de)

Buy This Car, Break a Land-Speed Record

14 Dec

Guys like things that are fast.  Cars not only fit into this mold, but they define it.  In the December 2009-January 2010 issue of Men’s Journal Magazine, the one with Alec Baldwin on the cover, there is an article about the fastest car money can buy.  “When Steve Fosset disappeared in 2007, he had more than 100 land, air, and water records to his name.  But he left a big project unfinished: a jet-car just weeks away from testing.  Its driver deceased, the project was mothballed – a potential speed record sealed in time.  Now it’s up for sale.”

“Granted, the car has been around the block.  In 1996 it ran 675 mph under the stewardship of Craig Breedlove but went up on two wheels and veered off course.  In 1997 its engine ingested a rock just before Richard Noble’s team leaped ahead of the sound barrier.  But the car is no lemon.  Fosset and chief engineer Eric Ahlstrom spent a year rebuilding it from the ground up.  With a GE J-79 turbojet engine and a thrust to weight ratio of 2:1, the car may be capable of reaching speeds of 800, 900, or even 1,000 mph (asking price is about $4 million; project100.com).”

Groomsman: Tidy Up

13 Dec

In the december 2009 issue of Details Magazine, the one with John Mayer on the cover, the style issue brings to light a good point:  grooming is just as important as your clothes when you are getting ready for a big event.  “You don’t just put on a tux – you get dressed up in one.  There’s a ritual to the fastening of the cuff links and the positioning of the bow tie.  But while most men take their time perfecting the getup for a big event, they rarely do the same for their hair, nails and skin.  Your grooming should be equal to the occasion.”

1.  Style your hair. The parted-on-the-side, cemented-with-gel hair helmet works if you look like Cary Grant, Jon Hamm or Tom Brady.  For mortals,, however, there’s a less slick way to make your dome look more polished: Pick up a hair dryer.  “Most guys just shower and go,” says New York hairstylist Jerome Orby. “But half an hour later when their hair starts drying, they’ve got a surprise.”  You don’t need to be a pro with a brush; you can use your fingers to style your hair as you blow dry it.  Once it’s dry, keep it in place with a dab of pomade or wax.  Davines defining Wonder Wax ($24), davines.com

2.  Trim your beard.  Just because you’re snapping on smooth enamel studs doesn’t mean your face has to be clean-shaven.  But your scruff should look neat and even.  Los Angeles barber Craig Whitely suggests using a trimmer for stray hairs on the neck, stopping about half an inch above the Adam’s apple in te front.  And don’t forget, Whitely says “You can’t look sharp with hair on the back of your neck.”  Finish by snipping any hair hanging over your lip and smoothing on a dime-size amount of beard wax (regular hair pomade works, too). Clubman Moustache Wax ($6), clubmanonline.com

3.  Perfect your skin. When the flashbulbs pop, your face shouldn’t reflect the glare.  De-sheen with a mousturizer that’s designed to sop up oil.  It will keep your skin from shining like your tux shoes.  Chanel Allure Homme edition Blanche Anti-shine Moisturizing After Shave ($50), chanel.com

4.  Clean up your hands. You don’t necessarily need a manicure.  Your hands will look better in three minutes if you give them a snip with a clipper, then do what guys rarely do – file down the corners.  Wash them thoroughly and mousturize with a lotion made specifically for hands.  Top the nail beds off with a cuticle pen, which instantly hydrates dry skin.   Santa Maria Novella Crema Per Le Mani ($50), paullabrecque.com

5.  fortify your cologne. A formal occasion calls for a more substantial fragrance than the citrusy scent you get away with every day.  One with hints of vetiver or patchouli will last until you take off your cumberbund.  Hermes Terre d’Hermes Pure Perfume ($112), hermes.com