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Record Book: Battle for the World’s Strongest Brew

10 Feb

One of the first recurring segments in Men’s Journal – after all of the contents pages, editors notes and first of 100 pages of advertisements – is a section called “Record Book.”  In the March 2010 issue of Men’s Journal magazine (the one with an aged Bruce Willis on the cover), there is a record on the world’s strongest beer:

Scottish alemaker BrewDog was sure it had a record with Tactical Nuclear Penguin, a 32 percent ABV imperial stout, in November.  But Bavarian brewer Georg Tscheusner was just biding his time.  In December, his Schorschbrau brewery unveiled a 40 percent ABV edition of its Schorsch Bock, a caramel-y ice beer that, for now, claims the ABV crown.  Is Tscheuschner anticipating retaliation?  “I hope so,” he says. “Let’s start the battle!  I’m looking for new limits.”  Speaking of limits, the 11-ounce bottle has a stopper for a reason.  One 11-oz bottle is equal to 11 Heineken Lights or 7 Grey Goose vodka shots. ($145 per bottle; schorschbraeu.de)