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New at IaMW – Blog Subscription

27 Nov

You made it.  Congratulations…and welcome.  Like the manliness that you feasted your eyes on today?  Wish you had more Y-chromosome in your life, and in your inbox?  Well we here at IaMW are excited to tell you that you can sign up for email subscriptions to our blog.  Just enter your email into the “subscription” box on the right sidebar and go at it.  We promise, you won’t regret it.

Get the latest information on fashion, culture, style, design, food, drink, helth, wellness and everything else manly in your inbox.  Or, use your man-hands to sign up any other testosterone junkie for Christmas, Chanuka, Kwanza…or any other holiday.  Hell, it would even make their Monday.  Happy blogging.  Live long, and prosper…dude.