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DIY Workout: Make Your Own Medicine Ball

25 Feb

Looking for a good workout but don’t have a medicine ball?  You could be in luck.  The March issue of Men’s Health (with Matt Damon on the cover) provides a cost-effective way to turn an old basketball into an awesome piece of workout gear.

Step 1: Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove the rubber plug from the basketball. Set the plug aside.

Step 2: Insert a funnel with a tip small enough to fit into the ir hole. Fill the ball entirely with a fine-grain play sand. A 50-pound bag will make three medicine balls.

Step 3: Brush rubber cement in and around the rim of the air hole. Immediately plug the hole with the rubber stopper, using the nedle-nose pliers to push the stopper in if needed.

Step 4: Brush more rubber cement over the stopper. Allow it to dry.

The Best of March Madness

22 Feb

In a season of rankings, we keep score of the game’s high points.  In the March 2011 issue of Men’s Heath Magazine, the one with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt on the cover, there is a great article on the best parts of March Madness, the tournament that we all hold so dear each spring.  They list everything from best seats to best players, and it is all here in this convenient blog post — just for you!

The 3 best NCAA ballers to watch this season

3. Demetri McCamey (Illinois) – McCamey has an impressive combination of size, skill and scoring ability as a point guard. He’s terrific as a passer and ball handler, and he also has a deep shooting range.

2. Kris Joseph (Syracuse) – He’s a gifter scorer with a nice stroke who tallies his points in various ways/  Joseph is an incredibly hard worker.  His coaches recognize that, so expect him to play an expanded role this season.

1. Elias Harris (Gonzaga) – With a rare mix of rebounding prowess, shot-blocking ability, and three-point shooting, he can be a 20/10 guy and a major force on both offense and defense.

Sit where it really counts

Good luck scoring (or affording) courtside seats. The owners of VividSeats.com say your next best bet is mid-court, between rows 5 and 10. You’ll see everything and still be part of the crazy crown, which is half the fun of NCAA games. If mid-court is full, call the stadium to find where your team plays offense the second half.

The 3 Places You Must Watch College Ball Before You Die

3. Kansas’s Allen Fieldhouse – You can sense its history as soon as you step inside. It’s basically a big barn that packs in some of the most passionate fans in the game.

2. Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium – It’s cramped and tight – bordering on uncomfortable – but no place is more intimidating for opponents. And you can feel that.

1. Dayton’s UD Arena – With nearly 14,000 seats, it’s the ideal design for an on-campus arena, providing straight sight lines and plenty of team spirit.

Hottest College Cheerleaders

No matter how lousy the game, here’s the countdown of teams worth watching for sideline entertainment, according to Steve Covino and Rich Davis, hosts of The Covino & Rich Show on Sirius XM.

3. LSU Tigers

2. Arizona State Sun Devils

1. Florida Gators

Buy This Car, Break a Land-Speed Record

14 Dec

Guys like things that are fast.  Cars not only fit into this mold, but they define it.  In the December 2009-January 2010 issue of Men’s Journal Magazine, the one with Alec Baldwin on the cover, there is an article about the fastest car money can buy.  “When Steve Fosset disappeared in 2007, he had more than 100 land, air, and water records to his name.  But he left a big project unfinished: a jet-car just weeks away from testing.  Its driver deceased, the project was mothballed – a potential speed record sealed in time.  Now it’s up for sale.”

“Granted, the car has been around the block.  In 1996 it ran 675 mph under the stewardship of Craig Breedlove but went up on two wheels and veered off course.  In 1997 its engine ingested a rock just before Richard Noble’s team leaped ahead of the sound barrier.  But the car is no lemon.  Fosset and chief engineer Eric Ahlstrom spent a year rebuilding it from the ground up.  With a GE J-79 turbojet engine and a thrust to weight ratio of 2:1, the car may be capable of reaching speeds of 800, 900, or even 1,000 mph (asking price is about $4 million; project100.com).”

New This Month: UFL

18 Sep

matt-damon-cover-new-1010-lgIn the October 2009 issue of Esquire magazine (the one with Matt Damon on the cover), there exists their monthly “what’s new” section, as to be expected.  In the “What’s New” section, there is a tiny little snippet about the United Football League, or the UFL.  This is news to me that there is another American national football league that is claiming to be a professional league.  It will kick off its first season when the Las Vegas Locomotives take on the california Redwoods on October 8th. Some on the internet speculate that this league is more of a minor league of sorts to prepare players for the NFL, but that really ruffles the UFL stafff’s feathers (or so we have heard)…tune in to see if this is really legitimate.  OR you could watch good college football instead, which we may or may not be doing…



Going Green is Fad-tastic…

10 Sep

0208bc0769mj200909septp11jpgw300…but considering the fad never really seems to go away, why not post about it?  In the September 2009 issue of Men’s Journal magazine, their “green life” (lower-cased because upper-case letters take more ink?) section, the magazine calls attention to a breathable and waterproof Zegna Sport Ecotech Solar jacket, pictured below. The Ecotech line of jackets is made of completely recycled polyester yarns (from other garments – think re-usable plastic bottles).  The solar version includes detachable solar panels for each arm to charge your personal gadgets – iPod, phone…whatever else that is chargeable and fits in an over-sized jacket pocket) using just the power of the Sun.  Let’s hope your time outside is a sunny one…


Transforming Transportation: Who Says a Bike Needs a Bike Rack?

10 Sep

tom-brady-details-september-2009-cover-photoIn the September 2009 issue of Details magazine they have a segment on what’s new this month.  Well, some of it was garbage that was impractical and boring.  One thing caught my eye, however.  As someone who has biked to work 3 times in my life, all ending tragically, the article about the IF Mode bike from Areaware made my mind think:  “awesome.”  This fold-up bike is perfect for urban efficiency.  No bike rack?  No problem.  A single swing-arm frame lets you fold the bike with ease and in an efficient matter.  You won’t be late for work or spending a fortune on gasoline.  You also may get that exercise that you have been needing (someone had to say it).  The price tag is a bit hefty, but worth every penny.


The Manliest, Deadliest Competition on the Planet

10 Sep

Mens_journalThere is a very manly article in the October 2009 issue of Men’s Journal magazine about the Death Race.  this is arguably the most dangerous and draining physical competition on the planet.  The website to sign up for the race is http://www.youmaydie.com and it holds some truth.  Last year, only 18 of the 54 competitors crossed the finish line. Annual changes keep things interesting, but here is what the 2009 race entailed:

  1. Bust Stumps: “After the first several mud crawls under barbed wire, locate a tree stump with your race number on it and dig it out with your axe.  You have to carry the stump (and a bike frame) for the entire race” (Men’s Journal)
  2. Find a Light: “Run 3 miles through a rocky creek to retrieve a single match, followed by another 1/8 mile barbed wire crawl.  Don’t get the match wet – you’ll need it later.” (Men’s Journal)
  3. Split Wood: Using your axe, split 20 log chunks into firewood, then lug it all the way to the top of a 2,000 foot hill.” (Men’s Journal) Remember…you still have the bike frame and stump…
  4. Test Your Memory: “at the top of the hill memorize a list of the first 10 US Presidents then return to the bottom of the hill and recite them. Jumble the names and you climb back to the top to try again.” (Men’s Journal)
  5. Build a Lego Cube: “Study a multicolored lego cube, taking careful notes.  Then crawl more than a mile under barbed wire and reconstruct the cube – AFTER retrieving the pieces from a pond. If you fail – yep, you guessed it – go back through the barbed wire and start over.” (Men’s Journal)
  6. Run a River: Do another barbed wire mud crawl, run 1.5 miles through a shallow river, then find an egg hidden in high grass. Slippery rocks and no free hands to catch yourselves.” (Men’s Journal)
  7. Make a fire and Cook and Egg: “Using the match you picked up in the morning, start a fire to boil a tin can of water and cook your egg – the only food you eat all day. Ruined the match?  Hope you remember your Boy Scout training.” (Men’s Journal)
  8. Bike Around the Pond: “Retrieve your wheels from the woods, dive into a pond to find your chain, assemble the bike, and ride it around the pond.  Then weigh yourself on a scale. After carrying the bike around all day you only get to ride it for seconds.” (Men’s Journal)
  9. FINISH: “Carry 20% of your weight in rocks up an 1,800 foot hill.  Repeat with water.  Then sprint 2.5 miles.  First place wins $2,000.  Second place wins squat.” (Men’s Journal)

Buy the Best TV for Fall Sports

9 Sep

sam-worthington-esquire-september-2009-02In the September 2009 Issue of Esquire magazine, they did research on 3 TV’s that men should use to watch various sporting events this fall.  The winner (especially if you have lots of natural light in the room)?  The Samsung 46″ Series 8000 (pictured below).  According to the mag, this TV has a very thin screen, an extremely sharp screen and various USB and Ethernet ports to allow quick photo viewing on a pre-designated input. Get one while they are hot!