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How to Smell Like the Wilderness

17 Oct

ImageWe found this post at Esquire Magazine (the issue with Scarlett Johansson on the cover). We are not going to say that she isn’t sexy…but sexiest woman alive is a bold statement and a title worth deserving. Does she? We digress. The article caught our attention with the title “How to Smell like the Wilderness.” Sounds manly! It sure is. You can follow the whole process of how the scents are crafted, complete with images, at esquire.com

How to Smell Like a Man


When you get down to it, most of our soaps and colognes are made in places that look scarily like labratories. Even the ones that proudly exclaim that they’re all-natural. Not so with Juniper Ridge. The company makes soaps, colognes, and sprays that smell great, but they do it in a decidedly non-laboratorial manner. In fact, they concoct many of their fragrances using a vintage whiskey still, though sometimes they go moonshine style, over a campfire. These people are, as we found out firsthand, a bunch of bourbon-loving, beer-swigging, meat-grilling Californians who just happen to have a thing for tracking down and capturing the scent of the woods.

They’ve got a gold miner’s mission, a sommelier’s nose, and a distinct appreciation for the wilderness of the American West, all of which were on display when we hitched a ride with Juniper Ridge this past July on the trail in the Tahoe National Forest. We were there to concoct a new scent, or an “aromatic snapshot,” as they like to call it. You see, the ingredients the company works so hard to find aren’t just specific to their locations but also to the season — some flowers they use bloom for only a few weeks each year.

Oh, and yes: Juniper Ridge is all-natural. Doggedly so. Bark, sap, leaves, twigs, grass, flower petals, stems — these ingredients come courtesy of the wilderness. And there are no synthetics in the mix, either; it’s either pure sugarcane alcohol or organic duck fat (the company is definitely not vegetarian). Because of this, each batch of products is entirely unique, a reflection of the season’s bounty that captures a moment in time in much the same way a good bottle of wine does.

Read more: Juniper Ridge – All Natural Grooming Products Juniper Ridge – Esquire

The Movie Theater That Fits in Your Pocket

24 Feb

There is a great highlight in the newest Details magazine (March, the one with The Social Network’s Andrew Garfield on the cover) of the new ShowWX+ projector by Microvision. They say “time will only tell if Microvision’s ShowWX+ is mentioned in the same breath as the camera obscura or IMAX, but for now it’s the palm-size reason to give up your flat-screen.  The size of a cell phone, the projector connects directly to your iPod, iPhone or iPad (or, with an adapter, to a laptop or digital camera). Aim it at a dark wall and view high-resolution photos, TV shows, sales graphs – anything you have stored – at up to 100 inches wide. Just like that, your home video collection is a movable filmfest.”

$450; www.microvision.com


Video From All Corners…Cubed

26 May

Wow.  I am in awe over here.  You gotta love GQ Magazine – even though the first article is usually located approximately 48% into the Stephen King-sized novel of a publication (you know, past all of the ads?), it has some great information in it.  One of the things that caught my eye in the March 2010 issue (Kobe Bryant on the cover) is the Boxee Box by D-Link.  Out this spring, the Boxee Box aggregates and organizes tons of free and paid TV and movies available on the web in a slick, user-friendly interface.  Want to watch LOST? No need to go to ABC.com or Netflix.  Just type “Lost” into Boxee and every episode available on the internet appears, no matter the source.  It’s like some Uber on-demand system from the future.  Get it from www.boxee.tv – it costs about $200.

Suspenders: Not Just for Bankers Anymore

16 May

Every issue, GQ Magazine has a section that is called “The Manual: Look Sharp, Live Smart.”  It usually has endorsed products to help you look like the stylish man that your mom always knew you could be.  In the May 2010 issue of GQ Magazine, the one with Jake Gyllenhaal on the cover, GQ endorses the use of suspenders. Apparently they have come back into non-nerdy fashion.

Wearing suspenders used to be a practical move.  Back in those Bogart days, you’d go about your business with your pants perfectly “suspended,” rather than cinched by a belt.  Now, like plenty of other mid-century essentials (tie bars, pocket squares, fedoras), suspenders feel in again after being out for so long.  Thin clip-ons channel a punk-rock vibe, while wider, button versions deliver more of a neo-preppy message.  Either way, keep your outfit simple for a custom – not costume – look.

Groomsman: Tidy Up

13 Dec

In the december 2009 issue of Details Magazine, the one with John Mayer on the cover, the style issue brings to light a good point:  grooming is just as important as your clothes when you are getting ready for a big event.  “You don’t just put on a tux – you get dressed up in one.  There’s a ritual to the fastening of the cuff links and the positioning of the bow tie.  But while most men take their time perfecting the getup for a big event, they rarely do the same for their hair, nails and skin.  Your grooming should be equal to the occasion.”

1.  Style your hair. The parted-on-the-side, cemented-with-gel hair helmet works if you look like Cary Grant, Jon Hamm or Tom Brady.  For mortals,, however, there’s a less slick way to make your dome look more polished: Pick up a hair dryer.  “Most guys just shower and go,” says New York hairstylist Jerome Orby. “But half an hour later when their hair starts drying, they’ve got a surprise.”  You don’t need to be a pro with a brush; you can use your fingers to style your hair as you blow dry it.  Once it’s dry, keep it in place with a dab of pomade or wax.  Davines defining Wonder Wax ($24), davines.com

2.  Trim your beard.  Just because you’re snapping on smooth enamel studs doesn’t mean your face has to be clean-shaven.  But your scruff should look neat and even.  Los Angeles barber Craig Whitely suggests using a trimmer for stray hairs on the neck, stopping about half an inch above the Adam’s apple in te front.  And don’t forget, Whitely says “You can’t look sharp with hair on the back of your neck.”  Finish by snipping any hair hanging over your lip and smoothing on a dime-size amount of beard wax (regular hair pomade works, too). Clubman Moustache Wax ($6), clubmanonline.com

3.  Perfect your skin. When the flashbulbs pop, your face shouldn’t reflect the glare.  De-sheen with a mousturizer that’s designed to sop up oil.  It will keep your skin from shining like your tux shoes.  Chanel Allure Homme edition Blanche Anti-shine Moisturizing After Shave ($50), chanel.com

4.  Clean up your hands. You don’t necessarily need a manicure.  Your hands will look better in three minutes if you give them a snip with a clipper, then do what guys rarely do – file down the corners.  Wash them thoroughly and mousturize with a lotion made specifically for hands.  Top the nail beds off with a cuticle pen, which instantly hydrates dry skin.   Santa Maria Novella Crema Per Le Mani ($50), paullabrecque.com

5.  fortify your cologne. A formal occasion calls for a more substantial fragrance than the citrusy scent you get away with every day.  One with hints of vetiver or patchouli will last until you take off your cumberbund.  Hermes Terre d’Hermes Pure Perfume ($112), hermes.com

Damn Cool Guy Furniture – The Sequel

26 Nov

Coincidentally, after I took the time to write the “Modern Furniture with Storage To Boot” article that came from the November 2009 issue of DETAILS magazine, I stumble across another gem that fits right into the category.  It was in a “Wish List” section in the November 2009 issue of Men’s Journal – the one with far too big of a close-up of Tim McGraw on the cover.  Now as many of you know, Restoration Hardware is awesome.  It is a Pottery Barn-like aesthetic that leans on the masculine side that you could go to without your wife/girlfriend and not feel awkward.  One of the featured pieces in this “Wish List was  the Mayfair Steamer Secretary Trunk, pictured below.  “The [trunk] makes every day at the home office feel like a vacation.  [$2,995; restorationhardware.com]

More Modern Design with Storage To Boot

25 Nov

Here at IaMW, we have posted a couple times on modern, masculine furniture.  This post is very similar…but aside from providing yet more examples of modern furniture, this batch of mod, masculine pieces all serve a common purpose: they all have sneaky little storage places.  Pretty cool.  In the November 2009 issue of Details Magazine, the one with Adam Lambert on the cover, you can find all of the following items, plus a few more.  If you would like to know where to find any of these gems, just contact us!  Here they are…

Picture Frame Box – “If a heavy-duty safe isn’t your style, tuck your valuables (e.g., your most prized baseball cards) into the inner chamber of this wooden picture frame made especially for Britain’s coolest design shop, Thorsten Van Elten.” Picture Frame Box by Tim Parsons for Thorsten Van Elten, $97; thorstenvanelten.com

Flip Table – “Each improvisation by the aptly named Danish collective No Problem addresses a specific domestic conundrum. The flip-top compartments in this table allow a guy who works where he eats to clear the home office—and keep files Shiraz-free.” Flip Table by Signe Baadsgaard of No Problem, $650; no-problem.nu

Hallow Dining Chair – “The gaps between the layers of bamboo in the table and chairs from Brooklyn’s Brave Space not only offer cubbies for those Thai menus but also permit guests to hide their phones during dinner.” Hollow Dining Set by Brave Space Designs, $5,195-$7,495; bobbyberkhome.com