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Ain’t it Grand

17 Oct

Not unlike the critically acclaimed “Barbershop 2” starring the incomparable Cederick the Entertainer, among others, this blog is Back in Business. It has been several months since we have last posted, and for that we shake our heads. All this manly information is needed by the masses and we aren’t providing it. For shame. We had 1800 views one day in November. One day! Yet the testosterone-seeking visitors arrived and found no new content.

Look for posts to resume in today (we just posted!) and in the days to come.

Manliness_9aa707_2331434 Manly-man

Serious Post FAIL.

16 May

No, this is not FAIL BLOG. However, the term FAIL definitely applies here. Life has gotten so busy that there has been some serious neglect on my behalf regarding this blog. It is as if I had an digital vasectomy, rendering my e-juice useless and not allowing me to be manly in this online medium. Well guess what, neglect is in the past for good and more magazine-related manliness starts today. Fear not, all is well with the world again.

Manliness: 1,000 Hits and Counting

18 Feb

A happy Thursday to all of the Y-chromosome eyes that are feasting on this blog post.  Yes, you read correctly…IaMW celebrates its 1,000th hit today!  Thank all of you loyal readers for somehow finding my page by googling things like “manly office plants,” “what to wear to not look like a girl,” and even “topless.”  Not sure why some of these search queries brought you here, but I am glad that they have.  I have gotten some positive response to this blog and will gladly continue it in the name of all that is man.  I am happy to have received comments from literally all over the world.   For your viewing pleasure, I googled “Manliness” and below are the best of the best.  Enjoy!

Winter Break is Over – Back to Posting

6 Jan

Well, it was fun while it lasted.  But, we won’t be able to make our way through 2010 without working.  Well we could, but we would have to sell all of our stuff and we like our life how it is.  So, new manly posts will begin tomorrow – stay tuned, strapping young lads.  Stay tuned…

New at IaMW – Blog Subscription

27 Nov

You made it.  Congratulations…and welcome.  Like the manliness that you feasted your eyes on today?  Wish you had more Y-chromosome in your life, and in your inbox?  Well we here at IaMW are excited to tell you that you can sign up for email subscriptions to our blog.  Just enter your email into the “subscription” box on the right sidebar and go at it.  We promise, you won’t regret it.

Get the latest information on fashion, culture, style, design, food, drink, helth, wellness and everything else manly in your inbox.  Or, use your man-hands to sign up any other testosterone junkie for Christmas, Chanuka, Kwanza…or any other holiday.  Hell, it would even make their Monday.  Happy blogging.  Live long, and prosper…dude.

Is it true if you don’t use it, you lose it?

22 Sep

6a00d83451e0d569e201127945beef28a4All 40 Year Old Virgin jokes aside, research shows that you need to keep your brain active and stimulated in order for it to function at its optimal performance.  In the October 2009 issue of Consumer Reports magazine there is an article on how various things can keep your brain active, which can lead to a longer lifespan and reduce your risk of dementia.  While it may be fun to be a crazy old person (I mean, what have you got to lose?), I would prefer to live a long life.  Personal preference?  I don’t think so.  Follow these rules throughout life and you may be living longer:

  • Develop a new skill or refresh an old one. Learn a new language, plan an instrument or get a hobby studying art – and get out of the house to do it.  Intellectual stimulation can be very fun and it is a good way to keep your brain healthy.
  • Eat less meat, more fish. Several magazines have published reports on how healthy fish is for your brain (yay, Omega 3’s!), and this adds yet another.  A couple years ago the world’s two oldest women, both 114, each were asked what they think was the biggest contributing factor in their longevity.  One said “eating a lot of herring.”  The other said “minding my own business.”  There you go.
  • Stay Productive. This combines the first one with getting out of the house in a sense.  Make to-do lists, even if they are not “musts,” and start checking them off the list. Stay productive!
  • Stay physically active. This will help your mind by increasing  oxygen and blood flow to your brain.  It will also keep you in better shape, which could help you live longer as well.
  • Feed your head. Studies suggest that social engagement and lifelong learning may continue to improve cognition well into your life, and loneliness could trigger dementia. To preserve a healthy brain: go for a walk with a friend or a pet 5 days a week, travel with family or friends, join a gym, sign up for a reading club, or start a new hobby. Just some ideas.


Diet Tricks for Holiday Treats

21 Sep

barack_obama_mens_health_magazine_2008_november_coverIf you are like us, you love candy…and constantly fight with your waistline.  In the October 2009 issue of Men’s Health magazin (the one woth Obama on the cover) has and article on how to get your candy fix but not gain weight.  You can indulge, and like everything…moderation is key.  The article states that candy sales spiked in the recession, because it is a cheap pleasure, but that you can enjoy candy without the guilt that typically comes with it.  The tip?  Keep it to 400 calories or under.  Here are 3 ways to stretch your halloween pleasure:M_M

The small but sinful: rich chocolate with richer fillings.

  1. Milk Chocolate M&M’s – one fun-size bag is 90 calories.
  2. Milky Way – 1 fun-size milky way is 75 calories.
  3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – 2 cups = 210 calories.
  4. TOTAL = 375 calories

The balanced approach: A medium sized mix of rich & fruity candies32033-1Jawbreaker

  1. Snickers – one fun-sized bar is 80 calories
  2. Skittles – one fun size bag is 60 calories
  3. Butterfinger – one fun-sized bag is 100 calories
  4. Jawbreaker – 2 jawbreakers are 70 calories
  5. Starbursts – 4 Starbursts equal 80 calories
  6. TOTAL = 390 calories

The big pig-out – lots of low-cal itemsfruit-skittles-loose

  1. Nerds – one small box is 50 calories
  2. Jolly rancher – 3 hard candy pieces are 50 calories
  3. Bubble gum – 2 pieces equals 30 calories
  4. Smarties – 1 roll is 25 calories
  5. 3 musketeers – 1 fun-sized bar is 63 calories
  6. Tootsie pop – One sucker is 60 calories
  7. Brach’s Candy Corn – 10 pieces is 75 calories
  8. Hershey’s Sticks smooth & Creamy – 1 stick is 60 calories
  9. TOTAL – 413 Calories