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America’s 25 Douchiest Colleges

18 Sep

michael-gq-coverI laughed out loud (and I will not abbreviate that) when I tuned the page of the September 2009 GQ to reveal an article entitled “America’s 25 Douchiest Colleges.”  Needless to say it had to be a IaMW blog post ASAP. I especially love how the writer stated that the toughest question for America’s youth is what type of douche bag they want to be when they go to college.  While it is a tough question, GQ tries to assist readers with their answer by explaining the douchiness of the following 25 colleges.  We will list part of the descriptions that were given, but if you would like the full scoop just contact us! So here they are…enjoy!

25: University of Virginia – Home of “The Blue-Blazer Douche.”

24: The University of Texas – Home of “The Burnt Orange Douche.”

23: Randolph-Macon – Home of “The Quote-unquote College Douche”

22: Vassar – Home of “The Woman Douche”

21: Trinity – Home of “The ‘I Brained Someone at Exeter With a 9-Iron but My Dad Got Me in Here’ Douche”


20: Morehouse – Home of “The Fonzworth Bentley Douche”

19: Ohio State – Home of “The Excessive school Pride Douche.”

18: Boston University – Home of “The Future Marketing Executives of America Douche”

17: University of chicago – Home of The Paul Wolfowitz Douche”

16: USC – Home of “The giant Sunglasses Douche”


15: Notre Dame – Home of “The Moral Douche”

14: Arizona State – Home of “The ‘Show Us Your Tits’ Douche”

13: University of Georgia – Home of “The Ducks Unlimited Douche”

12: University of Phoenix – Home of “The Online Douche”

11: NYU – Home of “The ‘Yeah I did That When I Was 17’ Douche”


10: University of Colorado – Home of “The Kind-Bud Prius Douche”

9: Charter College, Wasilla – Home of “The Snow-Machine Douche”

8: Rollins College – Home of “The Jet-Ski Douche”

7: Amherst College – Home of “The ‘I Went to a Small Liberal-Arts College In Massachusetts’ Douche”

6: Bob Jones – Home of “The ‘Not Even College Republicans at Other Schools Will Talk To You’ Douche”


5: Deep Springs – Home of “The ‘I Went to a School So Exclusive, Only 6 People Know About it & Half of Them Are Clinically Insane’ Douche”

4:Harvard – Home of, simply, “The Harvard Douche”

3: Princeton – Home of “The Eating-Club Douche”

2: Duke – Home of “The O.D. (Original Douche)”

1: Brown University – Home of “The Peace Sign on My Mom’s 7-Series Douche”


Now, like we said, there are funny descriptors that accompany each of these but the post would have been to long to read in the event that we included them.  If you want the full list you can go to gq.com, or if you would like any one or two you can contact us and we will send them to you.  And the pictures were all thanks to a google image search for “Douche.” Hope you enjoyed!