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Commandments for Man (And His Best Friend)

18 Sep

0208bc0769mj200909septp11jpgw300Dogs are great.  Every man should have a dog…but not a poodle or one of those rats that can fit in a purse.  A DOG. There is a reason why they call a dog “man’s best friend,” but even friends can be bitchy if you don’t treat them right.  In the September 2009 issue of Men’s Journal magazine, there is a segment that features Cesar Millan – also known as the dog whisperer.  The magazine tells us that he doesn’t want to train our dogs…but would rather train us.  Therefore he has entrusted us with his 5 commandments for dog owners, that should make our lives easier and our pets feel closer to us:

  1. Walk Your Dog Every Day.  This is easy enough on paper (or computer screen), but it is one of the first things that doesn’t make the cut on a tight scedule.  Cesar says that this will wear them out and help with their temerament, but also make their bond to their master stronger.
  2. Reward the Good, Ignore the Bad. If your dog barks, whines, etc…ignore it.  Most of this bad behavior will go away on its own if it doesn’t get a reaction.
  3. It’s Not all About You. “My male clients get upset really easily,” says Millan.  “You should never touch a dog out of frustration or anger; too much fear can harm the relationship.”
  4. Say it Like You Mean It. “Dogs read your body language before they hear what you say.To make yourself heard, lean forward and keep your weight on the balls of your feet; this communicates confidence and leadership – consider it practive for your next big boardroom pitch.”
  5. Be Here Now. “Dogs don’t dwell on the past or hold grudges, so neither should you. ‘They’re fantastic teachers in terms of living in the now,’ Millan says. ‘A dog doesn’t care about what happened 3 years ago.’  Forget yesterday’s bad behavior; teach and reward today’s good behavior. Even if your dog was mistreated in a former life, don’t dwell on it.”