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Video From All Corners…Cubed

26 May

Wow.  I am in awe over here.  You gotta love GQ Magazine – even though the first article is usually located approximately 48% into the Stephen King-sized novel of a publication (you know, past all of the ads?), it has some great information in it.  One of the things that caught my eye in the March 2010 issue (Kobe Bryant on the cover) is the Boxee Box by D-Link.  Out this spring, the Boxee Box aggregates and organizes tons of free and paid TV and movies available on the web in a slick, user-friendly interface.  Want to watch LOST? No need to go to ABC.com or Netflix.  Just type “Lost” into Boxee and every episode available on the internet appears, no matter the source.  It’s like some Uber on-demand system from the future.  Get it from www.boxee.tv – it costs about $200.

New at IaMW – Blog Subscription

27 Nov

You made it.  Congratulations…and welcome.  Like the manliness that you feasted your eyes on today?  Wish you had more Y-chromosome in your life, and in your inbox?  Well we here at IaMW are excited to tell you that you can sign up for email subscriptions to our blog.  Just enter your email into the “subscription” box on the right sidebar and go at it.  We promise, you won’t regret it.

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